Operator Onboarding Round 3 | Staked

StakedFLIP supply has grown by ~300k FLIP since the previous onboarding round; for a more robust update please see the previous post. Continuing with the decentralization of the set, we’ve identified Staked as a prime candidate to onboard as the next operator!

Staked was acquired by Kraken ~2 years ago and their clients include Pantera, Multicoin, Arrington, and more. They currently manage several billion AUM across 45+ networks.


A reminder that StakedFLIP is the first Liquid Staking Token to offer governance rights to its holders. Should the holders oppose the onboarding of Staked as a new operator, they have the right to veto the proposal, ensuring no changes are made to the protocol. For more detailed information on the process at a contractual level, please consult the protocol documentation.

Additionally, it is important to note that neither Thunderhead, Staked, nor any other individual or entity holds custody over stakers’ FLIP. The contracts serve purely as staking middleware, and this onboarding will not affect the protocol’s rewards fee rate.

Action Items

An offchain temperature check vote is currently live. If you are in favor of this onboarding, please vote “for.” If you oppose this onboarding, please vote “against.”

Following the attainment of a rough consensus via the forum, the governance multi-sig will initiate an onchain vote.

Should you have any opinions on this onboarding process, we encourage you to share them here. Questions for Staked representatives regarding their operations are also welcome.

Snapshot Temperature Check: Snapshot



The team at Staked is thrilled to announce our intent to support the StakedFLIP ecosystem. Our enthusiasm for StakedFLIP is rooted in our longstanding commitment to the Chainflip ecosystem, where we’ve been active supporters since before mainnet. By participating in Chainflip’s genesis, we’ve demonstrated our belief in the transformative potential of decentralized finance and the pivotal role that projects like this one play in shaping the future of cross-chain liquidity. At Staked, we’re dedicated to contributing our expertise and resources to ensure the success and growth of the sFLIP ecosystem. This partnership embodies our dedication to advancing blockchain technology and our excitement about the unique opportunities that StakedFLIP brings to the community.

Staked Overview

Staked is one of the largest and most reliable institutional staking providers. Our team operates and monitors 15,000+ nodes globally with over $5B TVL across dozens of Proof-of-Stake networks. Due to our expertise and reliability, Staked is repeatedly asked to participate in new PoS networks’ genesis ceremonies and has helped launch several new chains. In addition to automated alerting, monitoring, and disaster recovery/failover, we have a 24/7 Operations team performing hourly manual checks and a minimum of two on-call DevOps engineers at all times.


Address to be added to the smart contract: 0x4E656B1287511D571611E6a972A8eE75370007B0