Operator Onboarding Round 2 | Pier Two


With approximately 7.7 million FLIP staked and over 1400 holders (14 institutional), StakedFLIP has gone very well to date. The support from both retail and institutional sectors for the Chainflip blockchain has produced significant impacts across the ecosystem. The network has seen growth in all key metrics, including volume, minimum auction bid, social interaction, stability, and security, bolstered by 150 validators. The current minimum auction bid stands at 167,000 FLIP (approximately $835,000 per validator staked). In the realm of StakedFLIP, there’s been a sustained interest from the community in embracing the decentralization ethos, with many showing eagerness to serve the holders of StakedFLIP. The first governance vote, which led to the successful onboarding of Chorus One, marked a milestone. Following the approval, Chorus One was integrated into the network, now operating 10 validators for the StakedFLIP community. This marks only the beginning, as the vision for StakedFLIP is to be managed by a global community of operators over time.

Building on the momentum from Chorus One, Pier Two has been identified as the next candidate for onboarding. Pier Two boasts a record of managing complex blockchain infrastructure as a verified Chainlink Node Operator since 2019 and running high-performing non-custodial Ethereum validators. It is paramount that StakedFLIP operators possess not only high technical competence and robust security processes; Pier Two meets these criteria.

More information about Pier Two can be accessed here.


A reminder that StakedFLIP is the first Liquid Staking Token to offer governance rights to its holders. Should the holders oppose the onboarding of Pier Two as a new operator, they have the right to veto the proposal, ensuring no changes are made to the protocol. For more detailed information on the process at a contractual level, please consult the protocol documentation.

Additionally, it is important to note that neither Thunderhead, Pier Two, nor any other individual or entity holds custody over stakers’ FLIP. The contracts serve purely as staking middleware, and this onboarding will not affect the protocol’s rewards fee rate.

Action Items

An offchain temperature check vote is currently live. If you are in favor of this onboarding, please vote “for.” If you oppose this onboarding, please vote “against.”

Following the attainment of a rough consensus via the forum, the governance multi-sig will initiate an onchain vote.

Should you have any opinions on this onboarding process, we encourage you to share them here. Questions for Pier Two representatives regarding their operations are also welcome.

Snapshot Temperature Check: Snapshot



We are delighted to announce our intended support of the Chainflip and StakedFLIP ecosystems.

As long-standing participants in the blockchain infrastructure space, we are committed to enhancing the accessibility of Chainflip staking through our support for StakedFLIP as an operator.

Pier Two currently run 5 active Chainflip Validators with a minimum of 178K FLIP staked on each, and previously managed 1 other inactive Validator:

  1. cFLHQPg2wLKRd3EQohy3RpPVTTTNjWmfequCUnoFLEsHjveev
  2. cFL6MUFXmQbLQ57zkZ69ZZscecVCCLeSAU27zcdmcRf2TmqEc
  3. cFPUzJvgPGFU96cZZrczFyaZXv2mZKccKi8uNrM6qAhgvXwWL
  4. cFL4B6zHprixZKtD1f7ByY1ZGc5vDrQV5jnkKyx37oQMbyFBs
  5. cFNXp6PXdD2LFvTBHapLe9bcnFZZ7MejqvPDvJkL2Xszr1wmc
  6. cFKnH1w7o6bQevNwehQgDvY899CGtZpiCEfHGuHpzY9ksaTBH

On top of this, Pier Two has been operating a Perseverance Testnet Validator since 2023:

  1. cFPB9ie6eirkEkVvHB1nfSiEEnrR8myeQ3iLhmCJgxTaSqjuB

Pier Two Overview

Pier Two has deep roots in blockchain infrastructure and validation. Pier Two became one of the first Verified Chainlink Node Operators in 2019. Today, Pier Two partners with Chainlink for their Data Feed, Proof of Reserves, Automation, and Staking products. Over this time Pier Two has provided data for 1,719 unique price feeds across 8 different blockchains and have submitted 36,138,923 data feed updates.

Outside of our work with Chainlink, we were selected as part of the inaugural validator set securing Arbitrum in November 2022. We are in active status, supported by the Ethereum Foundation Ecosystem Support Program for implementing Discv5 in C#. We also post long-form educational articles on blockchain related topics for wider consumption.

Most relevantly, we provide non-custodial ETH staking validation services. We strongly believe in the ethos of self-custody, supported by professional infrastructure teams, to ensure the integrity of blockchain-based Proof of Stake networks.

We look forward to continuing this work as an operator with StakedFLIP.

Details for Integration

For those interested in engaging with our services within the Chainflip ecosystem, below are the essential details for integrating with our infrastructure:

  • Manager Address for Output Smart Contract:


The Operator Terms of Service we agree to:

Operator ToS - Staked.FLIP.pdf

We welcome the community to reach out with any questions or comments they may have and thank you again for your time!